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Residential Air Conditioning


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With a huge choice of residential air conditioning equipment available we have covered some of the more popular options below:

Through the wall units

All in one air conditioning systems are ideal for applications where an outdoor condensing unit is not possible or not preferred. All in one air conditioning is more aesthetically pleasing than portable units and are ideal for conservatories, bedrooms and high rise applications where it's not possible to mount an external condenser.

These systems are easy to install on any external wall, don't need a dedicated electrical supply and with a depth of 17cm won't look out of place in any room. Heating and cooling is available at the touch of a button and with Wifi control available you can control multiple units from your smartphone or tablet making it even easier to take control of your environment.

Split air conditioning systems

This is the most common type of air conditioning which comes in lots of different shapes and sizes to suit any home.

The circuit is split into two halves and consists of separate indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit contains a heat-exchanger and low-noise fan and can be wall mounted or floor standing, modern units provide both heating and cooling for year round use. The outdoor units are compact in design, operate at low noise levels and can be placed anywhere outside, either floor or roof standing, or wall-mounted on brackets.

Ducted systems

These units represent the ultimate in discretion and are typically installed within the attic space and ceiling voids. The ducted system means no equipment is visible from within the room, they operate at very lose noise levels and deliver hot or cold air through grilles located around the home.


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